Web Control Panel

We have expanded our control panel to support customer Virtual Private Servers! Please check out the new interfaces below that enable customers to manage and monitor their VPS.

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Take a look at its key features in the screen shots below, representative of what you will see for the 1 GB RAM VPS. We also offer larger sizes that allow more games to run simultaneously, see our VPS Order Form for details. Click on any screen for more detail.

Last updated: July 14, 2015 for Control Panel v6.0 release.

  • Server Tab
  • Add Game Server
  • Edit Function
  • Clone Function
  • Delete Function
  • CPU Tab
  • Memory Tab
  • Disk Usage Tab
  • Disk I/O Tab
  • Network Tab
  • Admin Tab

We welcome feedback on our control panel. Please send comments and suggestions to support@ultimategamehost.com to share your thoughts with us. Thanks!