Web Control Panel

Our control panel is the best in the industry, bringing totally new technology to your fingertips to give you all the features you need while still keeping the interface simple to understand and use.

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Take a look at its key features in the screen shots below, representative of what you will see for the games Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike: Source. Click on any screen for more detail.

Last updated: October 20, 2013 for Control Panel v4.4 release.

  • Control Tab
  • Config -> Command Line
  • Config -> Server Configuration (Simple Interface)
  • Config -> Server Configuration (Advanced Interface)
  • Maps -> Map Cycle
  • Maps -> Upload Map
  • RCON
  • Addons -> Garry's Mod Content
  • Addons -> Common Addons
  • Addons -> SVN Addons
  • Admin
  • Extras
  • Installed Extras
  • MySQL Database Console
  • Console Logs
  • Server Logs
  • Sourcemod Logs

For further details, see the video tutorials for Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike: Source. We also have videos covering the new features in v4.0 and v3.0.

Control Panel Features By Game (remember you have FTP access to make changes the control panel cannot do):

Game Control View Info Def. Map Simple Config Adv. Config Map Cycle Map Upload RCON Common Addons Auto Mgmt HLStatsX: CE
Counter Strike 1.6    
Counter Strike: CZ    
Counter Strike: GO    
Counter Strike: Source
Day of Defeat 1.3    
Day of Defeat: Source
Garry's Mod    
Half Life: DC    
Half Life 2: DM
Killing Floor partial                
Left 4 Dead 2  
Minecraft         Console    
Team Fortress Classic    
Team Fortress 2

Key features of the control panel allow you to:

  • Control: Restart, stop, start, patch (update), and completely reinstall your server.
  • View information: IP and port, current status (not for Killing Floor), steam connect hyperlink, FTP link.
  • Automatic Management: Automatically restarts your server when it no longer responds to the game protocol, patches your server when an update comes out and no one is on the server (not for Killing Floor). These features can be turned on/off in the panel.
  • Command Line: Configure your default map and gamemode (if applicable to your game type). For Garry's Mod servers you can also configure a workshop collection id and auth key.
  • Simple Config: Easily configure common server.cfg settings: server name, rcon password, join password, download control, alltalk, round limit, and flashlight (most games except Minecraft, Killing Floor, and Left for Dead 2).
  • Advanced Config: Use the advanced interface to change server.cfg directly without the need to open a FTP client (when applicable to your game type).
  • Map Cycle: Completely control your map cycle using a click-and-drag interface (for game types with map cycles).
  • Map Upload: Upload a map using your browser.
  • RCON: Access the full RCON command interface. Enter RCON commands in an input box and see the result on screen (for source based games only).
  • Extra Content: For Garry's Mod, click and install CSS, TF2, DOD:S, or HL2MP extra content.
  • Common Addons: Use common addon installers with first Steam admin input: Sourcemod and Metamod Source, AMX ModX, ULX/ULIB, DarkRP, and Mani Admin Mod. In addition without admin we install Mattie EventScripts and Evolve (addons available to install varies by game type, these addons are the work of others and copyright for the mods themselves remain with their respective creators. In no way have they endorsed or made any representation of this product).
  • SVN Addons: For Garry's Mod, click to install or update various addons via SVN.
  • Admin: Change your control panel and/or FTP password, add sub-users with Admin or User privileges.
  • Extras: Install Joomla/clansite, PHPBB3, and HLStatsX:CE (HLStatsX:CE is available for most source based games) in minutes. No more waiting for us to install it for you. We also now offer a local MySQL database that can be created and configured in the MySQL Database Console section of the panel.
  • Console Logs: Review your console logs for problems, use color coding and selective output to help locate problems more efficiently.
  • Server Logs and Sourcemod/AMX ModX Logs: Do a quick search through your log files without having to download them first to your local machine.

We welcome feedback on our control panel. Please send comments and suggestions to support@ultimategamehost.com to share your thoughts with us. Thanks!